Happy 1 Year, Tiffany + Chuck!

October 18th, 2013. Mission :: Have the Best Day Ever with Tiffany + Chuck! 

Mission accomplished! When you are hanging out with the kindest, funniest, most laid back people, there is no way not to have the best day ever! Even though we had only hung out with Tiffany + Chuck a couple times before, we felt like we had known them forever. And on that note, we would now like to take this opportunity to ask them to move their veterinary clinic here to Charleston, so we can hang out more. You know you want to :)

Shout out to Arielle of Party. Love.Birds for introducing us to these wonderful, amazing people. AND for being so hands on DIY with all the awesome glittery, sparkly, feathery, mammal-y decor! Oh, and as we mentioned before, Chuck is a veterinarian and they run their own clinic, hence the super fun animal detail. 

And although we had a tiny bit a rain for a brief moment, Tiffany + Chuck were good sports, and just let us pull out some umbrellas from our fun umbrella collection. No need to let a little rain get us down!

Cheers to your love, Tiffany + Chuck! And to the little addition on the way :)

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